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School of the Piece.


Learn more information about roles and responsibilities of Civil War soldiers and the Artillery.
For Ranks and Responsibilities of each, Visit our Battery Ranks Page Here!

Quick overview of Civil War Artillery

Produced by the Civil War Trust.

Infantry and Artillery Drill

Produced by The Gettysburg Museum.

Artillery Drill

Produced for the Tennesse Civil War Museum.

Civil War Artillery Manuals:
Several manuals of various use and publications years for Artillery can be seen bellow. These are considered public domain and can be accessed for free by google books.
For your conveniance and perusal scroll down to view the different Manuals. 

Members of Battery I 1st US Artillery demonstrating Gun Drill
(You may have to click on the youtube icon in the player to View)

The Adapted Drill Manual is based off of the 1860 & 1864 Instruction for Feild Artillery. This is the most widely accepted drill amongst Living History Units. The topics covered by the manual are:


  • Loading Procedures

  • Crew Positions

  • Various commands for Artillery

  • Modern Safety Precautions 

Links for larger views of each Manual or to download:


Modern Adapted Drill Manual

1864 Instruction for Field Artillery


1860 Gibbons Artillerst's Manual


1845 Instruction for Horse and Foot Artillery

Continue down to see these documents.

Instruction for Field Artillery

1864  Tactics and Drill Manual:

1845, Instruction for Field Artillery Horse & Foot:

Modern Adapted Drill Manual for Muzzle Loading Artillery in regards to Living History and Battle Reenactment:

John Gibbons Artillerists Manual 1860

Dedicated to Artillery Officers:

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